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The Healing Darkness,
a 10day retreat and Mystery School
February 19 to March 1 2023





10-day Retreat and Mystery School
with Continuum Movement, Sounds & Silence in the Dark
Tone Gilje (Norway) & Volker Moritz (Netherlands)

19 February-1 March 2023
(start 15 h, end 14 h)

In the beautiful nature of the Swiss Alps at Schweibenalp, Brienz, Switzerland

For the sixth time we will offer this special retreat. The intention is to allow us to dive into a deep state of awareness, where healing and self-regulation can happen, grounded and guided by our body-wisdom. Through Continuum Movement we slow down the system, entering a different frame of time and space.
Like a snake sheds its skin, a new form of wisdom can appear!
In the first days of the retreat we develop a sequence in order to calm our mind and body and open the system. We increase slowly the capacity to be in the silence and in the dark. The darkness pulls us inwards. It works like a gestation chamber, where new life can be born on all levels: your DNA, cells, thoughts, experiences. This healing space is available throughout the seminar - day and night - to practice, sleep and be. If you want to go outside for food or walks, that is possible as well.
At the moment we are all prepared, we can enter the Mystery School. That means to embody ancient, universal symbols and fractals of nature. In the Mystery Schools there is no teacher. When entering the silence and darkness we enable the Mysteries to reveal itself, to teach and guide us.
Schweibenalp is a power place and one of the most beautiful retreat centres in Europe: An ancient Celtic druid site, above the world on 1100 m heights, overlooking a majestic snow capped mountain-chain and the turquoise Brienzer lake, it simply feels rapturous to be there. Walking to the nearby waterfalls and meditating at the ritual fireplace supports the process. For more than 35 years this Centre of Unity has been dedicated to welcoming people from all religions and walks of life.

Seminar costs: Earlybird and repeaters price

General price: € 950+ lodging and board Schweibenalp (choose from shared room up to single room between CHF 87 to CHF 137 per day) . If money is in any way a problem, please contact the organizer.

Volker Moritz (1971) works as psychologist and sexologist in his practice in Amsterdam. He is the first authorized Continuum Movement Teacher in the Netherlands. He teaches world-wide the integration of body, mind and spirit, with care and depth, in his unique and natural way.
Tone Gilje (1956) is trained and has a practice as an advanced Rolfer, a psychodrama leader and authorized Continuum Movement teacher in Norway. Her passion for the mysteries imbedded in us, is a driving force for her way of teaching and inquiry, along with the experience from 35 years of practice in the field of bodywork.

For this retreat Continuum Movement experience is required.  If you do not have experience, contact the organizer.
If you want to join, please write briefly about your experience with Continuum and your motivation to join this retreat.
For information and registration:

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